Space-time expands and contracts.


The Alcubierre-Einstein-Drive, also know as an AE-Drive or Warp Drive, allows spacecraft to reach speeds faster than light and allows travel across the Milky Way Galaxy. When the AE-drive is activated, the ship is surrounded by a "bubble". Within this "bubble", the crew and ship are in a freefall while space time around them expands and contracts, allowing the ship to "move" across the galaxy and reach its predetermined destination. For the matter within the bubble, everything ages normally while everything outside the "bubble" doesn't age. The AE-Drive is the only way for a race to travel between planets and stars in a matter of seconds and minutes. AE-Drives are usually powered by Hydrogen-Helium Batteries. Most of the known races of the Milky Way, including humans, mined tralphium and used it to power the AE-Drives. The only problem with tralphium is that massive amounts are needed to produce sufficient energy for AE-Drives.