The Arkorans are an advanced space flight race from the planet Orrah. They usually stay away from the galactic community because they were betrayed by the Yorxa around the year 400 BCE. The arkorans have few colonies, but are heavily defended, and have few warships. The surprising thing about the arkorans is that their biology heavily resembles humans in many ways, including hair, eyes, organs, and other features.


The arkorans are the most human-like race known in the Milky Way galaxy. Arkorans usually stand 1.75 meters and weigh 75 kilograms. An average arkoran has two eyes, which are very similar to a human's, three fingers and a thumb on each of their two hands, and four toes on each of their two feet. An average arkoran's hair is also very similar to humans, with females having longer hair than males, and an eyebrow above each eye. The only thing about an arkoran's hair is different from a human's is that it is always black. An arkoran's face is very similar to a humans, having about the same sized lips. An arkoran's nose and ears are usually a little smaller compared to the size of their faces. The most notable difference between arkorans and humans is that an arkorans body frame is smaller than a humans, making an average arkoran more fragile than the average human.


The arkorans have always been a peaceful race, but didn't unite every nation until the year 3057 BCE. Years later in 1489 BCE, the arkorans made their first successful spaceflight to Orrah's moon, Poiluh. In the year 996 BCE, the arkorans developed an AE-Drive, but were wary about what was out in space. The first race the arkorans came across were the yorxa in 405 BCE and signed a pact with them, but five years later in 400 BCE the Yorxa Empire betrayed the arkorans and destroyed almost every arkoran colony. The arkorans were spared, because the yorxa could successfully invade the arkoran colonies that were closer to Orrah.

Almost one hundred years later in 301 BCE, the United Galactic Races come across the arkorans and eventually asked if they wanted to join, but the arkorans didn't want to join, because of what happened with their last friendship. The arkorans began to feel that the galaxy was a safer place for them when the UGR defeated the Yorxa Empire in 189 CE. The arkorans then began to expand in the year 650 CE, when they established their first colony on another planet since the Yorxa Empire betrayed them. In the year 1678 CE, the arkorans became more familiar with the galaxy and the UGR, then joined the Interstellar Trade Pact, which was run by the UGR. Currently, the arkorans are becoming less shy to the galactic community and are establishing more colonies.