Human Colony


Eucleia is a goldilocks planet and is the only terrestrial planet orbitting around the star Charites. It is also the sister planet of Eupheme which is located ten light years away. There are no sentient life forms that live on the planet, only plant life and insect-like creatures. Eucleia was the second planet, not in the human's home star system, to be successfully colonized by the humans.


The planet is similar to Earth in many ways, including its tilt, mass, surface temperature, and surface gravity. Even though only 63 percent of the planet is water, Eucleia is more humid and wet than Earth. Most of the land on the planet is covered in rain forests and jungles.

Orbital Distance: 0.98 AU

Orbital Period: 1.28 Earth Years

Surface Temperature: 36°C

Surface Gravity: 1.1 g

Mass: 1.03 Earth Mass

Diameter: 12,844.9 Km

Day Length: 26.12 Earth Hours

Satellites: Locris

Species: Humans

Colony Est.: 2296 CE

Population: 85.5 Million