Human Colony


Eupheme is a terrestrial planet located in the center of its star's habitable zone. This planet is similar to Earth and is the sister planet of Eucleia, which is located ten light years away. Because Eupheme's star, Aglaea, is almost double the mass of Earth's star, Eupheme is almost double the length away from its star as Earth is from the Sun.


Eupheme is similar to Eucleia and Earth in many ways. Sixty-eight percent of the surface is water and the land is mostly covered in rain forests with less than five percent covered in dry grasslands. There are only a few known species that live on this planet, though none are sentient.

Orbital Distance: 1.92 AU

Orbital Period: 3.6 Earth Years

Surface Temperature: 31°C

Surface Gravity: 1.25 g

Mass: 1.4 Earth Masses

Diameter: 13,045.01 Km

Day Length: 34.18 Earth Hours

Satellites: Krotos

Species: Human

Colony Est.: 2996

Population: 71.6 Million