Force ShieldsEdit

Force Shields, also known as Energy Shields, Force Fields, or Deflector Shields, provide protection against most weapons and explosions. Force Shields are used on almost every starship and land vehicle. Most of the United Galactic Races infantry use Force Shields while, being new to the galactic community, very few human infantry men use Force Shields. Force Shields were invented by the kurlians in the year 1402 BCE, which was shortly after they created their own version of an Alcubierre-Einstein-Drive.


Force Shields are generated by a projector which is on the back of a soldier's armor or at the rear of a starship. The Force Shields allow a person to grab objects without pushing them away and allow a ship to fire projectiles from within the shields, but not let any projectiles enter from the outside. A Force Shield can only take so much damage before collapsing. Starship shields are more heavy duty than infantry shields and can take a lot more damage before collapsing. When the shields collapse, the user is no longer protected. Eventually, the Force Shield will regenerate, but how long it will take depends on the size of the shield: Starship Force Shields tend to take a lot longer to regenerate than an Infantry Force Shield.

Force Shields are activated whenever a ship's power is turned on or when the person wearing it starts the armor's systems. Force shields are powered by an H-Battery and can be turned off at anytime to conserve power (even though the armor's/ship's batteries can last for more than 100 years.)