Hydrogen-Helium BatteryEdit

A Hydrogen-Helium Battery, also known as an H-Battery, is the main source of power for the majority of the United Galactic Races', and now human's, ships and large weapons. The kurlians invented the H-Battery shortly after they created the AE-Drive. An H-Battery can be small enough to fit in a hand held weapon and large enough to produce energy for a kilometer long ship. H-Batteries usually wear out after a few hundred years (long after a ship usually wears out).

Production of EnergyEdit

The battery produces energy by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium. Within the battery, there is a large amount of hydrogen and these hydrogen atoms begin to stick together and create helium atoms. This energy is then harnessed by the rest of the battery and allows the ship, weapon, etc. to work.

Weapons and ShipsEdit

The battery allows a weapon to fire because the energy created by the battery launches the projectile when the trigger is pulled. The main purpose of an H-Battery on a ship is to power the AE-Drive (the rest of the ship is powered by electricity and other minor forms of energy). Other resources, like tralphium, can power an AE-Drive, but large amounts are needed to do so.