Sorrian Homeworld


Midas is the homeworld of the sentient, tribal species known to the galaxy as the sorrians. Midas was also the second attempt by humans for colonization, which resulted in a conflict between humans and sorrians, the Phrygia War, until the United Galactic Races stepped in and prevented the destruction of the sorrians.


Midas is very similar to Earth, other than the fact that Midas has no tilt and Midas has two moons. Plant life and water covers the planet with the north and south pole covered in ice. The most notable species that inhabit Midas are the sorrians, which are very tribal and use weapons and tools similar to stone axes and spears.

Orbital Distance: 0.143 AU

Orbital Period: 1.27 Earth Years

Surface Temperature: 17°C

Surface Gravity: 1.1 g

Mass: 1.08 Earth Mass

Diameter: 13,067.12 Km

Day Length: 29.8 Earth Hours

Satellites: Galatia, Lydia

Species: Sorrians

Population: Tens of Millions