Human Colony


Momus is a terrestrial planet located around fifteen light-years from Eucleia. It is the second planet from its star, Hesiod. Momus is uncomfortably cold, but was colonized by humans anyway because of the presence of precious metals. Even though it orbits around Hesiod closer than Earth, Momus is extremely cold because Hesiod is a red dwarf.


The planet has no sentient life forms, only different types of bacteria. The planet is completely covered in either ice or snow and no plant life can be found here.

Orbital Distance: 0.78 AU

Orbital Period: 0.82 Earth Years

Surface Temperature: -51°C

Surface Gravity: 0.71 g

Mass: 0.99 Earth Masses

Diameter: 12,201.9 Km

Day Length: 12.7 Earth Hours

Satellites: Lucian

Species: Humans

Colony Est.: 2296 CE

Population: 24,000