Phrygia War

Midas Burning

Phrygia War

The Phrygia war was a conflict between the humans and sorrians on the planet Midas in the year 2290 CE. The war lasted a short two weeks before the United Galactic Races forced the humans to abandon the planet.

Human Colonization AttemptEdit

Humans first discovered the planet in 2061 and immediately began sending probes to scan the planet. After the invention of the AE-Drive in 2275, human scientists and engineers began work on a ship that could transport a colony of humans, with enough supplies for a year, to the planet. After the successful colonization of Typhon in 2286, human scientists began to work on the mission to Midas. In early 2290 CE, the UHV Marco Polo entered the Midas system and descended upon the planet. A few days after the human colony was established, the undefended humans were attacked. Most of the humans were killed and the remaining ones sent a distress signal through the faster-than-light communicator. One of the two human war ships that was docked in Earth was sent to the system with a few hundred human marines aboard. By the time the warship, UHV Patton, entered the Midas system, the rest of the human colonists were dead.

The WarEdit

The human marines landed near the destroyed human colony on April 23, 2290. Just a few hours after landing, a squad of marines discovered a large sorrian village and alerted the rest of the marines. Half of the human soldiers stayed behind to set up a base of operations while the other half went to avenge the dead human colonists. The marines attacked the village quick with few casualties on their side. After the sorrian warriors were killed, the human soldiers then began to burn the village, causing a small forest fire which destroyed another small sorrian village. The next day, sorrian tribal scouts came across the human base of operations and sent word back to their cheif. A massive army of nine hundred sorrian warriors attacked the humans which ultimately failed because of the humans' advanced technology. A message was sent to the Patton to commence orbital bombardments to the areas given. Five major sorrian villages and twelve smaller ones were completely obliterated by the Patton's cannons.

The U.G.R.'s ResponseEdit

The United Galactic Races, an alliance of four different advanced species, had scout ships nearby the system when the UHV Patton had entered. The scout ships sent a message back to their leaders and two heavy warships were sent to the system to prevent any more violence between the humans and sorrians. One of the warships contacted the Patton, using a galactic translator, to force the humans to leave the planet. Because the two UGR warships had far superior firepower and shielding, the humans agreed to leave Midas and never try to colonize the planet again.

Casualties and ResultEdit


  • 145 Colonists
  • 22 Marines


  • 3490 civilians
  • 2124 Warriors
  • 19 Cheifs


  • Human Pyrrhic Victory
  • Humans pull out after UGR steps in