Sectarian Brotherhood flag

Sectarian Brotherhood Flag

Sectarian Brotherhood

The Sectarian Brotherhood is a human radical religious group established in 2993, shortly after the Federation of Earth joined the United Galactic Races. The founder, Samuel Kozlov, claimed that every alien race is a plague to the galaxy and it was his job to cleanse it. The Sectarian capital planet's current location is unknown.


After Kozlov created the Sectarian Brotherhood in 2993, they began spreading their voices across Earth. Tens of thousands, and now more, humans joined them and began bombing UGR colonies. The bombings were small and only caused a few casualties, but most of the time they failed. In the year 2995, Father Kozlov began a crusade against a major fulshan colony, which resulted in the Battle of Larentain. Even though the Sectarians were defeated, the fulshans suffered heavy casualties and forty percent of the fulshan colony was completely destroyed.

In the year 2996, Samuel Kozlov was assassinated and a new leader, Robert Collin, came into power. Father Collin was more ruthless than Kozlov. He abducted kurlians, fulshans, and other races, tortured them, and eventually executed them in the name of God. Dozens of bombings and two more crusades ocurred before 2300 CE.