The sorrians are a tribal species which inhabit the goldilocks planet Midas. The sorrians are separated by thousands of different tribes, and are in constant conflict with each other. The sorrians were first discovered by the United Galactic Races in 1990 CE. The UGR never wanted to make contact with them because of how violent they were and because of past failures to communicate with a tribal sentient species.


Sorrians are generally stand 2.3 meters tall and weigh almost 182 kilograms. They are even-toed ungulates with four hooves resting at the end of two legs and four fingers at the end of their two arms. Sorrians have a large, powerful lower jaw and sharp, jagged teeth sitting inside their mouths for shredding prey. They also have two horns on the tops of their heads which are sharpened on stone. Sorrians' skin color is dark grey and their blood is red, like humans, because of the presence of hemoglobin.


Sorrians began to construct villages and towns and fighting with weapons in the early 17th century. Different tribes use different colors and patterns of war paint and cover their horns. The tribal leader usually gains power by killing the alhpa male or by winning the most battles with other tribes. Daily, thousands of sorrians die from conflicts.