Human Colony


Typhon was the first extrasolar planet that the humans colonized in the the year 2286 after the invention of the Alcubierre-Einstein-Drive in 2275. The humans first sent a probe to scan the planet four years before sending a colonization ship to it. The colony mainly focuses on mining because of the large amounts of precious metals across Typhon.


Sand and lightning storms cover the planet and little water can be found anywhere. The only plant life that can be found are either in the few small lakes or near them.

Orbital Distance: 1.4 AU

Orbital Period: 2.24 Earth Years

Surface Temperature: -25°C

Surface Gravity: 0.79 g

Mass: 0.684 Earth Mass

Diameter: 10,548.9 Km

Day Length: 32.6 Earth Hours

Satellites: Orthrus

Species: Humans

Colony Est.: 2286 CE

Population: 32,500